Adult or Intergenerational Studies

Open Call Worship Workshop

Worship of God at Salem Lutheran is at the very core of our identity.  On June 19 from 6:30-8:30 pm we will come together as a community to share our thoughts and ideas about weekly, seasonal midweek, and festival worships. What are we doing right? Where are areas of growth? Join us for a joyful and constructive discussion. No previous involvement in worship planning is required for participation. We value all perspectives and experiences.

Salem Lutheran Church  Read the Bible in 90 Days Challenge 2019

Who's up for a challenge?  Starting on Memorial Day, May 27, members of Salem will  take on the challenge of reading the Bible in 90 Days.  Periodic meet-ups will be scheduled to reflect on our progress and Pastor Preston will post Facebook videos of insight, reflection, and encouragement throughout the summer. 

Don't have time to read all of it?  That's OK, join in when you can. 

May 27 through  August 25.

 You can click here to get the reading list and dates.

To see a short video from our Stewardship campaign about study click here.  

Household Dedication to Jesus, the Good Shepherd

What is a household dedication to Jesus, the Good Shepherd? A household dedication is a ceremony in your home in which you ask Jesus to guide and protect your family in a special way. In other words, you invite Jesus to be the Shepherd of your home. Look for the Household Dedication to Jesus, the Good Shepherd insert in this newsletter. Pick up a copy of the dedication in the Narthex