Adult or Intergenerational Studies

Northern Illinois Online

Bible Study (NIOBS)

Study the Book of Romans

Online with NIOBS

 Your Salem friends, and others from Kansas to Virginia, gather online           every Monday on Zoom to pray together and study the Bible as part of the Northern Illinois Online Bible Study (NIOBS).

This June NIOBS is studying Paul’s Letter to the Romans, a rich and complex work which provided the “bolt of lightning” that convinced Martin Luther that God didn’t use his justice as a bludgeon to punish sinful souls, but as a gift to free them to live lives of love and service.

On June 17 NIOBS will have noted scholar and author of many works on Romans, Dr. Neil Elliott, visit and lead us in conversation.

You are invited to join us any Monday you are able.  Contact John Seraphine at to be placed on the email list, or simply cut and paste this Zoom link:

Lunch & Learn Talks about

Science and Religion

Don’t eat alone when you can join friends in fellowship that feeds the soul.

Salem’s Lunch & Learn is a group of life-long learners who munch a lunch while talking over a host of challenges in faith and life.  Bring your questions and ideas, your lunch and your beverage, and enjoy provided coffee and snacks, and great discussion.

For the month of June we will be talking about the often fraught, but sometimes exciting relationship between science and religion.

 Lunch & Learn meets all the Thursdays of June from 11:30 am to about 12:30 pm in Chapel Lounge at the end of the hallway with   the church offices.  For any questions feel free to contact John Seraphine at or 815/895-9736.

Household Dedication to Jesus, the Good Shepherd

What is a household dedication to Jesus, the Good Shepherd? A household dedication is a ceremony in your home in which you ask Jesus to guide and protect your family in a special way. In other words, you invite Jesus to be the Shepherd of your home. If you would like a copy of this please call the Church Office.  815 895-9171