Adult or Intergenerational Studies

Salem Lutheran Church  Read the Bible in 90 Days Challenge 2019

Who's up for a challenge?  Starting on Memorial Day, May 27, members of Salem will  take on the challenge of reading the Bible in 90 Days.  Periodic meet-ups will be scheduled to reflect on our progress and Pastor Preston will post Facebook videos of insight, reflection, and encouragement throughout the summer. 

Don't have time to read all of it?  That's OK, join in when you can.

  May 27   through  August 25.

 You can click here to get the reading list and dates.

To see a short video from our Stewardship campaign about study click here.  

Lunch and Learn!

Lunch and Learn from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. each Thursday in the Chapel Lounge.

6-Week Study -  started April 25th  “For the Love of All Creation.”  Learning to love creation the way God does.  We will be making use of scripture and “The Green Psalter” by Fortress Press.  Come and join us.

Pastor Hank Milner