Lent Sermon Series – “Wandering Heart”


Can you believe Lent is just around the corner?  I feel like we just put away our Christmas tree!  In fact, Lent starts this year on Valentine’s Day, which seems especially awkward.  I investigated trying to get specialty candy hearts custom-made with words like “Repent” and “Ashes 2 Ashes” printed on them, but alas, it was cost-prohibitive.  

However, I will offer you a Lenten series called “Wandering Heart” that will focus on the call, conversion, triumphs, and mistakes of the disciple Peter.  As the theologians and artists who have helped put together this series for us reflect:

Like many of us, Peter has a wandering heart.  His journey is not polished, linear, or perfect, but he is always tethered to the love of God.  When you look closely at Peter’s story, you find Jesus at each step along the way—offering him abundance, catching him when he begins to sink, challenging him when he stands in the way, washing his feet, predicting his betrayal, and offering him agapē love.  This Lent, we’re joining Peter in figuring out faith.  We’re not idolizing or vilifying him; instead, we’re hoping to wander alongside him, open to what we might learn about Jesus (and ourselves) by stepping in his shoes.

As always, I hope that Lent is an opportunity for all of us to reexamine our relationship with Christ and recommit to a life of discipleship.  Too many times we treat Lenten commitments like New Year’s resolutions geared toward a false sense of perfection rather than practical growth in love and service to Christ.  I pray that you don’t set your goals too high (or too low).  Perhaps commit to going to one more worship or midweek service than you have typically been to in the last year, or maybe engage the Lenten resources provided by the church for weekly reflection.

Like Peter, we are both friends of Christ and deniers of Christ, fierce defenders and betrayers, sinners, and saints.  Like Peter, may we also know forgiveness and become proclaimers of Christ’s Resurrection.  I look forward to walking this journey with you.

Pastor Preston Fields

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