Constitution & Annual Reports

Bylaw amendments

These Bylaw amendments will be a part of our Annual meeting agenda. Per our constitution, Notification of Bylaw amendments must happen by mail or electronic means at least 30 days in advance of the Annual Meeting, which is scheduled to take place on January 29th, 2023. Bylaw Amendments must be approved by at least two thirds of the vote of those members present and voting.


The annual Congregational meeting shall take place at a time determined by the Congregation

Council, but said meeting must shall be held during month of January or if due to inclement

weather, can be moved to the first Sunday in February, and continue to be moved to the

following Sunday until the meeting can take place.

Rationale: This proposed amendment will help clear up any confusion and make it possible for the annual meeting to be held in February due to inclement weather.


All elected Congregation Council members must shall be installed during a Sunday worship service, by the end of the following month after being elected at the annual meeting.

 Rationale: This proposed amendment will clear up language and will make it possible that if in the event the annual meeting is moved, the Council installation can happen after the start of when the council members term starts on February 1st.

  B.06.04        Treasurer.  (01-21-1990)

Be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and financial assets in accordance with the appropriate laws and generally accepted accounting principles. (01-21-1990)

  1. Serve as financial officer of this congregation.
  2. Attend monthly meetings of the council and report on this congregation’s financial condition.
  3. Serve as chairperson of the finance committee
  4. Provide oversight of the financial secretary’s duties and processes.
  5. Provide the congregation with financial information.
  6. Assist in the preparation of the annual budget for the council and congregation
  7. Prepare the annual report on the financial status of this congregation.
  8. Assist with closing the financial books for a yearly audit.
  9. Shall prescribe minimum reporting requirements for all organizations except Trust Fund as defined in C.14.00 of this constitution

Rationale: This proposed Bylaw amendment would amend by striking the only duty given to the Treasurer. The newly written amendment will clearly articulate the responsibilities of the Treasurer at Salem. These responsibilities have been done but have never truly been in writing. This also shows separation of duties between the Treasurer and Financial Secretary for best financial practices.