Creative Arts: “Music Miscellaneous”


Many Gifts, One Spirit.  It will be “Music Miscellaneous” for the next few months!  On Wednesday evenings at 6pm, there will be space for any and all varieties of music, and all ages — even whole families to take part!  I’ll have some  music for us to try, hand percussion instruments, and you are welcome to bring songs that you find meaningful in your faith journey.  Come with your voices, instruments, movement ideas, come join in the fun!  We’ll share with one another the meaning we find in all sorts of music.

And, as always, let me know if you or your child would like to share your/their gifts in worship.  There are already some young musicians who are excited about participating. It’s a blessing for them to be in a congregation like ours where they can receive the love of Christ through encouragement and gratitude for their efforts.

The choir room has seen children, youth and adults gather for creative arts activities.  It’s been well-used.  We’ll be working on a few projects in the choir room this summer — finishing some projects that we started last year and starting some new ones.  We haven’t set a date yet, but stay tuned.  Everyone will have a chance to pitch in again.

Hope to see you soon!

Peace and adventure in Christ,
Michael Carlson
Coordinator of Music