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Carla and Ron's Retirement Drive Through

Throwback Thursdays

Since Salem is celebrating its 150th anniversary we want to hear from our congregation regarding stories about the church. Now these stories can be about people of the church, programs of the church, the church building, or memorials. These stories can be from long ago or just a few months ago.

We want to hear from you! If you have a photo that you want to include all the better but if you don’t have a photo and the story is about a part of the building then we can take a picture to augment the story. Short stories would be best. The stories will be put on Facebook and the Website on Thursdays. Hence the name Throwback Thursdays. Please send your story via email to Lynn Buckner lynn@slcsycamore.org.

Here is our 6th Throwback Thursday

Brandon Graves wanted all of us to know that on this day twenty-five years ago, Carla Vanatta was commissioned by the Northern Illinois Synod of the ELCA as an AIM (Associate in Ministry) this designation was later changed to Deacon.  She was the first person commissioned in our Synod as an AIM, now Deacon. Let us all let her know how much she has meant to us over the years of her work with Salem.

Here is our 5th Throwback Thursday

Pastor Preston's Installation August 11, 2018. It was a wonderful service!

Here is our 4th Throwback Thursday  A story from Nicole Judkins.

Two years ago (April 28, 2018) Chris and I were married at Salem. Ron played the organ, Pastor Len preformed the ceremony, Larry did the sound, Sue made the bulletins, and Wanda decorated and made sure everything ran smoothly! I never realized how beautiful Salem is until I saw the pictures afterwards!

Here is our 3rd Throwback Thursday A story from Nicole Judkins

Last summer Salem had a grassy/ sandy pit on the back of our property. The youth dedicated hours and hours and hours of their summer to pull weeds and grass, to move 20 tons of sand, and to install new poles, a net, and a boundary line to create a beautiful volleyball court. Wishing we could be playing there now!   

Here is our second Throwback Thursday story from Mary Safford.

New Salem was under construction and all the talk encouraged Salem members to watch its progress.  So, in the summer of 1969, my brothers Jeff and Craig (Johnson) and their good friends and fellow Salem members, Bill and Bob (Johnson) and Jim Bell decided that they would go over to look around at the construction site on DeKalb Ave.

   The construction crew had left for the day and the boys noticed a ladder placed just inside the area to the bell tower.  So, the boys decided to climb up.  They had quite a view from the church steeple!  They even took some polaroid pictures from all directions.

   Unbeknownst to them, a former West School Elementary teacher, Elvera Martinson just happened to be driving by and noticed the boys, "on high."  So, she called the police department.

   Soon after, a police car came down Rte. 23 with its sirens on and lights ablaze.  The boys thought they were in for a treat and would see a car be pulled over for speeding.  But, much to their surprise, the police car made a U-turn and came into the church lot.  The police then proceeded to call " come down."  The boys thought being extra quiet would keep them hidden, yet the call came again to " come down."  At the second order they thought they had better obey the command.

   The officer said that they would be escorted to the police station.  So, the boys drove over obediently.  And, they had been told that their fathers would be called.

   My dad was Sycamore Municipal Hospital Administrator at the time.  One of the officers recognized him when he arrived and said, " Mr. Johnson, what are you doing here?"  Well, all of the boys' fathers arrived and the boys were given a warning to never do anything like that again.  It was very dangerous.  All these boys were good boys and never got into trouble, so this was a bit out of the ordinary for them.  We still talk about this adventure with a chuckle, from time to time.  But we were all very grateful that nobody got hurt.

Submitted by,

Mary Safford

Here is our first Throwback Thursday from Carla and Ron Vanatta

Vanatta Hymn Cameos #1

Three 1700 hymn texts set to early 1800 tunes. Come Thou Fount, Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace


The 150th Committee will be publishing a book of Salem's history: who formed the church, and why, and how the congregation has grown to be the welcoming place that it is today.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Salem’s Sesqui-centennial Summary.  A donation, a minimum of $20 each is requested to cover printing costs. There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex with a proof sample of the book.

Pictures from our "Remember When" Weekend February 8/9 2020

Pictures from our kickoff Heritage Celebration