Providing a meal for April 12 for Grace Place


Please call the Salem Office 815 895-9171 if you are going to provide something for the meal. This will help us ensure that we have all the bases covered.

Hello Salem! 

Thank you for partnering with Grace Place on providing a meal for our Wednesday evenings. We are grateful for your partnering with us and I know our students enjoy every meal that is provided. 

Salem has signed up to provide a meal on April 12th, we ask that the meal be brought to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (900 Normal Rd) between 6 pm and 6:30 pm. Please come around to the back of the building to door 5 (follow the signs for the Parish Office), there is a loading zone that you will be able to park in close to the door.

We are having worship at 6 pm and then eating around 6:30 pm, you are more than welcome to join us for worship and our meal. There will be someone in the building for Grace Place beginning around 5 pm each week if you need or want to drop things off early, just please let Salem’s office know.

Right now we are asking our meal providers to plan food for 10 people, it’s hard to know from week to week how many students are coming but we know that our students love to take leftovers home. 

Currently, we do not have any students who are regularly coming with food allergies or special diets. If you have any questions or need help figuring out meal ideas, please let me know. 

The folks who bring the food, and anyone from the congregation, are welcome to come for worship and stay for dinner, we truly mean all are welcome.