Join Us For In-Person worship Or Drive In Worship



On Saturdays at 5:00 pm: In person worship, live streamed for immediate or later viewing online.   

No reservations required.

To view past services please click here or go to the Sermon page on the Website under Resources.

For later viewing
Click here to access the Salem Lutheran Facebook Page.

To view past services please click here or go to the Sermon page on the Website under Resources.

Drive In Worship

Sundays at 9:30 am.

Outdoor Worship weather permitting in the back parking lot 9:30 a.m.

Pile the family in the car, drive to the church, and tune the radio to 101.3 FM where we will be broadcasting live with pre-recorded hymns.

The FM transmitter only has a limited mile radius, so you’ll have to be gathered at the church to hear. So even if it is chilly, you can stay in your car. Pastor will  come around to the cars for communion. If you’d like to sit outside, that OK too. For best audio, bring a little battery powered radio if you have one to listen.

If anyone would like to volunteer to set-up and break-down for this service or help people park, please contact Sue in the office.  This service will take a village to pull off!


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Christ is the King        ELW Hymn 662

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Praise to the One Who Breaks the Darkness   ELW Hymn 843

Text:  Rusty Edwards, b. 1955   Music:  NETTLETON, J. Wyeth, Repository of Sacred Music, Part II, 1813  Text © 1987 Hope Publishing Company  Used by Permission  . . . #A-708303

Son of God, Eternal Savior   ELW Hymn 655

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