Pastor’s Podcast Club


Are you a fan of podcasts? Me too! I love listening to them as I exercise or commute to work. 
This fall, instead of a book club, I’m launching Pastor’s Podcast Club. We will break up a podcast series into manageable groups of episodes and get together and chat about what we heard. I hope this is fun and low stress.  Meetings will take place during the Sunday School hour from 10:45am – 11:45am every two weeks starting October 9th. Come to one meeting, come to most of them, or come to all of them.
For our Fall Podcast I thought we’d do something historical and a little spooky and explore the true history of the Salem Witch Trial with the Podcast “Unobscured with Aaron Mahnke”. The Salem Witch trial season is Season 1 of this podcast and is 12 Episodes long. The schedule will be as follows:
October 9th: Episodes 1 – 4
October 23rd: Episodes 4 – 6
November 6: Episodes 7-9
November 20: Episodes 10-12
If you don’t know how to access podcasts on your phone but are interested in joining, Pastor Preston is happy to help set it up. They are free!