Personal Hygiene Collection Drive


Personal Hygiene Collection Drive

Donations accepted until February 15.

Look for the donation box in the Narthex.  All items collected will be distributed countywide to local Food Pantries.

Recommended items:



Soap / Shower Gel

Combs / Brushes

Tampons / Pads



Baby Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

This is part of a bigger Emergency Preparedness exercise to simulate receiving in of supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile. When this is initiated for a Disaster, the Health Department has to be prepared to receive the supplies, sort, inventory, and then push out to set locations. These locations (called Point of Distribution or POD) would then distribute the materials (usually would be talking medications) to their population (i.e. Nursing Home residents) and the Health Department would be distributing to the public.

 In this exercise, the “PODS” receiving the supplies will be the DeKalb County food pantries. We are focusing on collecting mostly regular sized items, although travel sized items will not be turned away. We are encouraging people to shop at the dollar stores because the value for the money is fantastic. I attached a picture of 1 item of each type of product I purchased from the dollar store. Great value to provide more product!  

I chose personal care products because the food pantries have an affordable avenue to their food supplies; however, personal hygiene products are not supplied by any other means other than donations and these items are “gold” to the food pantries.

You can contact me if you have any questions either at or