Children’s Choir Will Reboot in November


Children’s Choir Will Reboot in November
Hello to all Parents, Children and Youth!
I hope your fall is starting out great for you and your families.
At our first rehearsal for the children’s choir this year, we played drums and percussion, learned lots of sign language for a song, and had lots of fun doing it! We’ll definitely do more in preparation for the holidays.
However, many families have kids that are involved in other activities for the next several weeks on Wednesday evenings, so we are going to delay the kick off of children’s choir until November 3rd. Then we will reboot and work on a presentation for November 13/14, and get ready for the Christmas Program on December 18/19!
That Christmas program will include many of our creative arts groups in a combined program.
And please feel free to catch me after services, email or call me to chat sometime to let me know how your children would like to be involved in music and creative arts. I would love to have many kids participating in worship by sharing their gifts on an instrument, singing a solo, or some sort of liturgical movement or dance.
See you soon.
Peace and adventure in Christ,
Michael Carlson