Salem Creative Arts Winter – Spring 2020


2020 Winter-Spring  Salem Creative Arts

 Sun. Jan. 5th:  Epiphany    8:00 /10:30  Puppet Praise

           **Special Cong. Mtg. 11:45

  Sun. Jan.12th:  Baptism of our Lord      10:30 Children’s Choir           

 Sun. Jan.19th: Special Schedule

             9:00 Worship – Cel. Voices

          10:00 Brunch

          11:00 Annual Meeting

Sun. Jan. 26th:       8:00 Sounds of Grace Bells 

                               10:30 Celebration Voices & Children’s Choir

                                 2:00 Sensory Worship

Sun. Feb. 2nd         8:00 & 10:30 Puppet Praise          

   HERITAGE WEEKEND – SPECIAL SCHEDULE*NO 8:00 SERVICE              Sat/Sun. Feb. 8th-9th:   Rev. Mark Oehlert, guest preacher 5:00 & 10:30, Liturgy from 1920

             10:30 Celebration Voices & Children’s Choir

             11:45 Potluck Dinner

              1:00 Heritage Concert: Owen Ruff, violin/Kirk Lundbeck,                                    trombone

 Wed. Feb. 12th:  5:30 Musical Auditions

 Sun. Feb. 16th:         8:00  Celebration Voices   10:30 Puppet                                                                  Praise/GRACE  worship

                                    11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal

 Sun. Feb. 23rd:          8:00 & 10:30 Sounds of Grace Bells      

Transfiguration       11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal

                               2:00 Sensory Worship

 ASH Wed Feb. 26th:   7:00 pm Celebration Voices  – NO Rehearsals        

 Sun. March 1st:         8:00 Celebration Voices     10:30 Children’s Choir

Lent One                    11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal

Midweek Lenten worship March 4th:   7:00 pm Celebration Voices 

Sun. March 8th:         8:00 &10:30  Puppet Praise    

Lent Two        Daylight Savings Time BEGINS – set clocks ahead one hour

                                11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal

 Midweek Lenten worship March 11th:   7:00 pm Celebration Voices 

 Sun. March 15th:      8:00 Sounds of Grace Bells          10:30 Children’s Choir

Lent Three                  11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal

 Midweek Lenten worship March 18th:   7:00 pm Celebration Voices 

 Sun. March 22nd:      8:00 Open     10:30 Celebration Voices

Lent Four                  11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal

 Midweek Lenten worship March 25th:   7:00 pm Celebration Voices 


 Sun. March 29th:      8:00 Celebration Voices    10:30 Sounds of Grace Bells

Lent Five                    11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal

                                        2:00 Sensory Worship

   Midweek Lenten worship April 1st:   7:00 pm Celebration Voices 


Sat. April 4th:     4:00 Worship – Celebration Voices – Bishop Jeff Clements, guest preacher

                              5:15 Catered Supper – Puppet Praise         

Sun. April 5th:     8:00 Celebration Voices          10:30 Children’s Choir

                           11:45 Children’s Musical Lunch & Rehearsal                     


 Maundy Thursday April 9th:  7:00 Sounds of Grace Bells

First Communion

 Good Friday April 10th:  7:00 Celebration Voices

 Easter Vigil April 11th:  5:00 Sounds of Grace Bells

 EASTER FESTIVAL WORSHIP April 12th:  8:00/10:30 Celebration Voices, Brass

                                  10:30 Add Children’s Choir

 Wed. April 15th:  5:30 Musical Dress Rehearsal – no other rehearsals

 Sat. April 18th:     5:00 Children’s Musical

Sun. April 19th:  10:30 Children’s Musical/GRACE worship

 Sun. April 26th:   8:00 Sounds of Grace Bells      10:30  Celebration Voices

 Sun. May 3rd:  8:00/10:30  Puppet Praise

 Sun. May 10th:  8:00 Sounds of Grace Bells     10:30 Celebration Voices & Children’s Choir

  Mother’s Day          

Ron and Carla Vanatta, Ministers of Music 

815-895-9171 church 

Thank you for your gifts of music as we tune our hearts to sing God’s grace!  Please notify us ahead if you cannot participate in a scheduled service or event.