Sunday School News


Salem Food Pantry was the November project for Sunday School families. We presented Liz Ezell with several bags of non-perishable food on November 18th and plan to do this again in the spring.

Our Sunday School Families are keeping the kids treat supply in great shape. This helps the budget so much,  many of you just bring items and leave in the office.

Students picked a name from the Avancer House Giving Tree. They donated enough money to purchase everything on their person’s wish list!  What a wonderful way to share God’s Love!

In January we start learning about The House on the Rock. Cooking Class will focus on; My faith is built on the rock of God’s Word. Kids use ingredients to build a creative structure that will “fall down” in the microwave. And the Bible Skills focus is God helps when things are hard. They will play a game with hard task to complete goals. Class is adapted for each age group.

Sunday School Needs

Bag of Play Sand / Bag of Small Stones (for craft)

One Bag of Pretzel Sticks / Play Clay (for 30 kids)

One Bag Mini Marshmallows / One Bag Chocolate Chips

Bag of Smooth River Rocks / Old Tooth Brushes

Small Mirrors (10) / Seeds of Any Kind (for crafting)

Items can be left in the office or Sunday School Office.