Share Your Soles


Confirmation students will be collecting gently worn shoes of all shapes and sizes during the Lenten season to be donated to Share Your Soles. Please deposit your donations in one of the boxes that will available starting Ash Wednesday, March 6th. The collection boxes will be in the narthex and downstairs by the Sunday school doors and by the stairs that lead downstairs. 

Our Mission
To provide gently worn / new shoes to those in the greatest of need around the world.

Share Your Soles has brought over three million pairs of shoes to desperately impoverished families throughout the world; Central America, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the United States. Our program has helped those living on Native American Reservations and in the Appalachia’s, as well as India, Ecuador, Peru, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Cameroon, Nicaragua, Kenya, and Sierra Leone. We have become also become very active in disaster relief. Share Your Soles was a part of Hurricane Katrina, Irma, Maria, Haiti, Louisiana, and Baton Rouge. No Boundaries. No borders.