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Weekend Worship

Zoom Worship

We have two ways to worship this winter. Due to cold weather and a desire for communal experience, everyone is invited to join us for a live worship service on Zoom

Saturdays at 5:00 pm or Sundays at 9:30 am.

Don’t have a computer or online access?  Please call in  at these times using the information below.  Don’t want to get dressed and embarrassed to be seen in your pajamas?  Join us and don’t turn on your camera!

Coffee time following the services!

Recordings of the service for later viewing will be uploaded on Facebook for those who cannot make it to the Live Zoom Worship.

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Dial by your location:
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID:  216 590 032
Passcode:  593537

For later viewing 

Click here to access the Salem Lutheran Facebook Page.

To view past services please click here or go to the Sermon page on the Website under Resources.

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Jesus Calls Us  (Stanzas 1,3,5)  ELW Hymn 696

Text:  Cecil Frances Alexander, 1818-1895   Music:  GALILEE, William H. Jude, 1851-1922 Used by Permission  . . . OneLicense.net #A-708303 Public Domain

Drawn to the Light   ELW Hymn 593

Text:  John C. Ylvisaker, b. 1937 Music:  LA CROSSE, John C. Ylvisaker  Text & Music © 1990 John C. Ylvisaker Used by Permission  . . . OneLicense.net #A-708303

We Are Marching in the Light ELW Hymn 866

Text:  South African Traditional; tr. Freedom Is Coming, 1984. Music: SIYAHAMBA, South African Traditional Tr. © 1984 Utryck, admin. Walton Music Corp. Used by Permission  . . . OneLicense.net #A-708303

Liturgy Reprinted by Permission … SundaysandSeasons.com License #20487

Bulletin Cover Reprinted from Icon Four:  Visual Images for every Sunday © 2010 Augsburg Fortress.

[Copyrighted elements(s)] [Copyright notice].  Used by permission of Augsburg Fortress.

All Music Used by Permission:  OneLicense.net #A-708303 CCLI License No. 1667288  

Streaming License No. 20749225 

    Annual Meeting Vote Results. These members have been elected to the following positions
    Council Members -3 year terms
    Brandon Graves
    Erin Rowland
    Connie Seraphine
    Linda Linden
    Council Member - 1 year term
    Robert Warfield
    Trust Fund Member - 3 year term
    MaryKate Iaccino
    Trust Fund— 5‐Year Term
    Diane Lundbeck
    Synod Assembly Reps
    Jen Docherty
    Andrew Rex
    Brandon Graves
    Bev Riebe
    Lily Baker
    Nominating Committee
    Patti Beamsley
    Betty Hampa
    Ken Reinhardt
    Kathy Cain
    Budget Approval 2021
    Yes, I approve - 87
    No, I do not approve - 0
    Building Renovation Plan
    Yes, I approve - 78
    No, I do not approve - 7
    Abstain - 2
    Annual Report and Audit Report is now available on the Website. Click Here

    Those in need of Pastoral Care have two new options:

    1) Call Sue during business hours at the Salem Office

    2) Call or Text Salem's new Pastoral Care Line at 815-797-2441. Currently, this Google Voice number will call or text Pastor Preston's cell phone after hours. It may ask you to state your name before the call is connected, this will help weed out spam phone calls.

    In the future, this one number will ring/text either Pastor Preston's or our future Associate Pastor's cell phone depending who is on call for the evening.

    Non-emergency prayer requests may also be emailed to Pastor or at the Salem@slcsycamore.org address.

    Pastor Preston