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On Saturdays at 5:00 pm,  live streamed for immediate or later viewing online.   

On Sundays at 9:30 am

No reservations required   Sign ups are still available for greeters/ushers, and acolytes on sign up genius.

Call the office if you would like to volunteer for assisting minister or sound tech.

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    Since last month we have entered yet another phase of Reopening in IL. This is good news! Our infection rates are dropping as more people are becoming vaccinated. Trying to keep up with the latest news and recommendations has been difficult and the Church Council is grateful for your patience as we learn more, and guidelines change rapidly.  While many churches are going completely “masks optional”, we have chosen this middle path so that all will feel welcome at service. We feel this compromise is pragmatic and safe. As always, these guidelines are subject to change should guidelines change unexpectedly.

    Starting July 3/4 Weekend, we have updated our safety protocols to the following.

    • All members are asked to wear face masks entering and exiting the church when movement might make social distancing difficult. When weather is favorable, everyone is invited to gather outside in front of the church for fellowship.
    • Vaccinated individuals will have the option of sitting in the designated front section of pews in the sanctuary and removing their masks once seated. (Rows 1 – 6)
    • The rear of the church will be reserved for those who would still prefer to wear masks and those who are unvaccinated (rows 9 – 15).
    • There will be a middle section of pews roped off to create further social distance between sections (rows 7 & 8)
    • Worship Leaders will continue to wear face coverings to distribute communion and for the children’s sermon.
    • There will still be a livestream of service every Saturday evening at 5pm and available for later viewing.
    • Non-worship meetings and small groups should follow CDC guidelines and come to consensus with their group leaders. Per CDC guidelines, unvaccinated members should continue wear masks indoors.

    Volunteers are needed to be greeters/ushers, and acolytes, for the 5:00 p.m. In person worship and assisting ministers, and sound techs for the in person worship and the drive-in worship. Please use sign-up genius to sign-up to volunteer. https://goo.gl/YdCDBJ or you can call the office 815 895 9171.

    Those in need of Pastoral Care have two new options:

    1) Call Sue during business hours at the Salem Office

    2) Call or Text Salem's new Pastoral Care Line at 815-797-2441. Currently, this Google Voice number will call or text Pastor Preston's cell phone after hours. It may ask you to state your name before the call is connected, this will help weed out spam phone calls.

    In the future, this one number will ring/text either Pastor Preston's or our future Associate Pastor's cell phone depending who is on call for the evening.

    Non-emergency prayer requests may also be emailed to Pastor or at the Salem@slcsycamore.org address.

    Pastor Preston