High School Youth Group

All Salem High Schoolers and their friends are invited to attend the Youth Group's events. Please contact Nicole with any questions: nicole.erickson@slcsycamore.org

Rake and Run 2023

Building up today's youth in Christ.

If you have any questions about our high school youth group, National Youth Gathering, or being a presenter,
please contact Nicole (Erickson) Judkins.

Use this form to contact Nicole with your questions or to sign up to present.
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National Youth Gathering
When I think service I think manual labor, so for our service day in Houston I went equipped with bug spray, work gloves, and old gym shoes. In fact, I generally don’t feel like I’ve served if I’m not covered in dirt and dripping sweat. So when we pulled into the high school parking lot I was a bit hesitant. But then we met Ms. Fletcher. Ms. Fletcher is a teacher for students who have been speaking English for less than a year. Many of Ms. Fletcher's students come to school hungry, many of her students come from broken homes, and one of them was even separated from both his parents when they were sent back to Mexico.  Ms. Fletcher is more than a teacher to these kids. Ms. Fletcher tells her students every day that she loves them and that God loves them. Ms. Fletcher sneaks food into her student’s bags on Friday afternoon so they have something to eat over the weekend. We didn’t leave our service day dripping in sweat and covered in mud, but we left humbled and inspired by the work that God is doing through Ms. Fletcher.

This is just one of so many amazing experiences that our group had while we were at the National Youth Gathering. We invite you all to join us for 10:30 worship on Sunday, August 5th to hear more about our experiences. We would not have had any of these amazing experiences if not for the support of our Salem family. We are truly grateful to each and every one of you for all of your support over the last year. Nicole, Heather, Izzie, Mel, and Luke
Informational Meeting

The ELCA National Youth Gathering for high school youth will be held in Houston next summer. Any high schoolers as well as anyone entering 8th grade this fall will be eligible to attend. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Nicole.

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